According to old testament and new testament AGS Dutchy descended from god. AGS Dutchy (iHitla) is the creator of this Wiki and the person who owns GamersWithSkill sex slaves and tries to free them of their GwS sex collars every day.

Early LifeEdit

AGS Dutchy grew up in a Catholic family in Holland Michigan. AGS Dutchy got Xbox Live when he was around 13 years old and has been owning GwS members ever since. Dutchy moved to Utah when he was close to the age of 14 and has had to live around Mormons ever since. Dutchy is a proud bi-sexual and does not want to take your shit.


Now AGS Dutchy has become the leader of AAGWS (Alliance Against Gamers With Skill) and has created many Youtube accounts to make fun of them including, GamersWithNOLIFES, GwSizGay, GwSSixBelow (closed) and GamersWithSkiii. Dutchy also has notable superior trash talking skills to GwS Six Below (which isn't quite hard to do though..) AGS Dutchy is also responsible for creating the Justin Bieber account on Xbox Live that DJ FagStar used in one of his video and is responsible for many inpersonater accounts of Keemstar and other F@G members.

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