Logo for his clan.

"Boom Boom Pow, get abused!"- GwS Six Below.

Meet Six Below

GwS Six Below is an annoying person on Xbox Live who's lot in life is to make other people's gaming experiences completely miserable. He has many tactics on how to do these things.

Early Life

GwS Six Below (Brian Lopez) was born in a small city in Mexico near the US Mexican border. When Brian was about five years of age hethumb|300px|right|A perfect example of Six Below trying to be a "hardcore cholo". and his family took a dangerous mission across the border and made it without any US Border Patrol catching them.

Six Below now-

Now GwS Six Below (Brian Lopez) is a 15 year old boy who stole his Xbox 360 from Walmart. He also steals his internet connection from his neighbors which he admitted to on January 12th 2010. Brian Lopez grew up in a completely black society and was beat up every day which explains his extreme racism towards the black community as a whole. Six Below gets beat up every day at his school and takes "short 1 week breaks" so he can catch up on all of his "drama" on Xbox Live and his crappy Youtube page. Six Below has started a new organization called HMIBC (Help Mexicans in Black Communities). Six Below has also created a Youtube channel called GamersWithSkill where he posts videos of him and his clan (GamersWithOutSkill) that nobody gives a damn about. Six Below also has a supposed girl friend named Ms. Halo 3. She is posing as a white girl teenager when she is actually his ugly 52 year old Mexican smoker mom. I can't imagine how awkward it was when he asked his mom to pretend to be his girlfriend on Youtube...

Trash Talking-

"AGS Dutchy.....You are part of the gay star clan er..... You don't gotta be so mad about it! Boom Boom Pow get abused! *Insert joke stolen from DJ Keemstar here* "

-A typical Six Below style trash talk battle.

Along with trying to be a "hardcore cholo" GwS considers him self a pro Xbox Live trash talker and hopes to one day be like DJ Keemstar. Everybody on Xbox Live knows that he copies DJ Keemstar's jokes which proves how much of a dumb ass mexican fanboy cholo DJ Keemstar fanboy he is.

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