-Horriclysik's version of trash talk.

Early Life-

Not much is known about Horriclysik's early life besides that he grew up with his fat alcoholic mom and rich dad that is always out to work that never gives young Horriclysik the loving and attention that he wants.

Horriclysik Now-

Now Horriclysik is a twelve year old rich white boy that sits on his Xbox 360 and eats cheeseburgers all day. He trash talks people on Xbox Live with his "mad trash talking skills". Below the picture of the fat ass him self an example of him failing to abuse yours truly: iHitla. It is also notable that Horric is one of Six Below's sex slaves that joined his clan because he thought he was going to get a BJ.

thumb|300px|right|See what I mean?

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